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New-York trip canceled? We’ve got you covered!

Most regions of the world, such as Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East have cancelled all flights except for their own citizens returning home due to the Coronavirus. This means vacations, family get-togethers, business opportunities that were planned with so much effort are now all put on hold.

The question everyone is asking themselves, bored in quarantine, is: ‘‘Well, what now?’’

People from all over the globe have been excited to visit some of our most beautiful tourist attractions, such as Time Square, with an estimated 50 million visitors annually. There are now hundreds of thousands of canceled trips to Time Square, and millions of disappointed souls.

Don’t get discouraged just yet, you can always travel there by Virtual Reality.

If you’re still unsure of what Virtual Reality is, it’s the immersion of users and virtual 3D worlds through HTC VIVE glasses. Natural Records Studios, an interactive studio at the forefront of VR/XR and the creators of the ultimate simulation platform called V3NOW.COM, where you will be able to visit Time Square yourself in the comfort and safety of your home. Time Square is also the feature in the Natural Records Studios “V3” (VICTUS VINCIMUS VETERANS REVENGE/Chapter Drones Over N.Y) simulation & interactive experience available on SONY

Natural Records Studios has crafted their own Time Square with so much precision, having both day and night time available, and the ability to assist Broadway plays, enter the Empire State building, the W Hotel, the world’s biggest Toys’R’Us and McDonald’s, the full New-York experience!

The market is expanding through VR, as you will be able to make online purchases if there’s anything that caught your eye in one of Time Square’s biggest shops. Getting hungry watching people eat in the world’s biggest McDonald’s? Just get it delivered at your door through us!

Get that refund on your canceled trip and order your VR tech today!


Written by Edisa Serhatlic

Editor in chief Hostan H Gouthier


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