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By edisa

You’ve been listening to the wrong music this whole time-and here’s why

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

Most North Americans are counting down the days until the Grammy Awards, currently debating online about whether their favorite artists will win a prize or not.

Music has become such an important part of our everyday lives. We feel it has become a necessity to listen to it everyday for any occasion, from working out to simply being sad and streaming a heartbreak playlist. We could say that music helps us make it through anything, to make it through that 5 miles run you have been meaning to achieve or to finally move on from that one ex your favorite singer portrays so well, but does it actually help on the long-term?

In 1953, a worldwide agreement imposing of composing music in a frequency of 440 hertz was signed. No one was exactly sure why, but everyone went on with it, not realizing that the government has made music a cult leader. It isn’t just the lyrics or the meaning, it’s how you physically feel the frequency of the music, the effects it has on us mentally. This type of frequency was allegedly said to be a mind controlling sound, which was apparently used during both the First and Second World War. We all saw how that ended…

The 432 hertz frequency, which was once used in the music industry globally, is said to be the documented fundamental electromagnetic frequency of Earth: the pace of its ‘heartbeat’ we could say. It had a soothing effect to one’s anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. It is a positive frequency that we sadly don’t experience much in our current time.

As shady as the government might seem sometimes, there’s always going to be people fighting in the name of what’s good. Natural Records Studios, an interactive entertainment studio who uses Virtual Reality technology, are one of the first North American studios to use 432 hertz frequency in the soundtracks they produce. The BEATS OF HELL Vol 1 Album, written and composed by Hostan ‘‘The Hawk’’ Gouthier, is the album they have made of positive frequency for their interactive films and video game: VICTUS VINCIMUS VETERANS REVENGE.

Unlike most movies or video games that use negative frequencies, they are creating soundtracks that feel real and empowering since it not only matches the Earth’s natural rhythm, but since it is also in the form of a binaural recording they create using an outstanding software named Dspatials.

Binaural recording is a method of recording sounds that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent of creating a 3-D stereo sound sensation in order to making the listener feel like they’re present in the room with the performers and/or instruments. This method is brilliant in the use VR technology because it immerses an individual into the experience.

PYTHAGORAS, the main theme song for VICTUS VINCIMUS VETERANS REVENGE, is a testament to this subject: the song makes you feel liberation and satisfaction, where as most music actually makes us hold emotions in instead of liberating them. We don’t truly achieve anything on the long-term with today’s music, which is why we constantly replay that one playlist we have for working out: it makes us believe we can’t get through it if it weren’t for the music.

Natural Records Studios is breaking the illusion and giving us the power to take control of how we experience music and the self-awareness we need by interacting with their artificial universe whom we can learn so much from.

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