Edisa Serhatlic
By edisa

Why VR users aren’t panicking over isolating themselves from COVID-19

There are thousands of confirmed cases of COVID-19 weekly. Therefore, most of us are isolated at home to not catch this deadly virus, stacking up on essential products, constantly refreshing online news outlet, panicking. The youth is upset: no parties, no prom, no graduation, or simple get togethers…


What we need to remember is the very first thing doctors worldwide told us: NOT to panic! As long a we’re home, hygienic, not feeling any severe symptom, we will be totally fine. Ironically, people seem to be freaking out more over the fact that they must stay home.


Staying home, healthy and safe due to this pandemic is in fact the perfect to either learn something, develop our line of work digitally from home, or simply self-reflecting and taking this opportunity to take a break from our usual, tiring daily routines.


Don’t like to stay home? Feeling stuck in a box? That’s not something VR users can relate to.


Introducing V3NOW, a platform you can use to browse a library for full length films, like Netflix, but in the interactive form of VR, which is the immersion of users and virtual 3D worlds through HTC VIVE glasses. Allowing people to leave their reality, you can see now how useful this can be considering our world’s current state.


This soon launching app was created by Natural Records Studios, an interactive entertainment studio who uses Virtual Reality technology, a brilliant company whose services you wouldn’t have believed would be so indispensable even in times like these. The people who were once living an outgoing, full life can still have that same life through another reality!


VR has become highly demanded since people are starting to feel choked up at home; consumers want to immerse themselves into another world, to feel a sense of freedom, which is why V3NOW is the perfect escape from this global panic.


V3NOW’s database, powered by METATRON, is including more and more films that NRS are currently creating, either of nature, of big metropolitans we all wish to visit, and much more. There are even such things as VR treadmills, so you can do your morning jogging while enjoying the virtual view of your neighborhood park.


What are you waiting for? If the only thing making you feel sick is staring at your bedroom wall, order your VR tech now!


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