Edisa Serhatlic
By edisa

The massacre that shocked nations worldwide; why not see it for yourself?

Throughout World War II, which begun in 1939, an American B-29 bomber aircraft dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, small Japanese cities, the world’s first deployed atomic bomb. The explosion, which happened in August 6, 1945, instantly killed 80 000 people and wiped out 90% of the town. The immense exposure of radiation eventually killed an additional dozens of thousands of civilians.


This tragic event is also what marked the end of World War II. It had impacted not only the victim’s lives, but to those around the world watching. It had showed us that war was never the answer to conflict and has set the values we have today as a society.


Yet, here we are, with a possible war between the United States and Iran. You’d think we have learned a lesson.


Natural Records Studios, an interactive entertainment studio who uses Virtual Reality technology (which is the immersion of users and virtual 3D worlds through HTC VIVE glasses) are in the process of releasing an interactive film in the form of a video game that is about WWII. This video game that you can play through VR shows very realistically the effects of war, it makes you feel like you’re there, fighting in the battle.


To follow this project, they also decided to launch an app called V3NOW, which is a platform you can use to browse a library for full length films, like Netflix, but in the interactive form of VR. They’re creating a film on the Hiroshima bombing to raise awareness on the danger of nuclear war, a wake-up call to the American government per se.


What makes Natural Records Studios outstanding is how they don’t glorify violence in their video game just to attract a certain clientele. They are providing us entertainment and morals at the same time, which is not often seen in todays mainstream gaming community. They are raising awareness and lessons through fun, innovative technology.


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